What is Zait & Zaatar?

In addition to importing the Jordanian exquisite range of Zait (Arabic for extra virgin olive oil), Terra Rossa also offers you a unique mix called Zaatar. Thyme is 'Zaatar' in Arabic. Thyme is most popularly used as one of the main ingredients in the spice mix named after it - Zaatar. This 'Mixed Zaatar' is actually a mix of thyme, sesame seeds and sumac citrus berries.

Zaatar is traditionally eaten as part of a healthy breakfast and is ideal as an aperitif or hors d'oeuvre. A small piece of bread is first dipped into the olive oil and then into the thyme. Zaatar can also be used for cooking and is sprinkled over chicken, vegetables, salads and fish.

Eating 'Mixed Zaatar' on a daily basis may not be a bad idea as plain Zaatar (thyme) also has many benefits that you may not be aware of. Eating Zaatar on bread helps you digest the heaviness of the bread and can prevent many digestive and allergic reactions related to bread. Herbalists say that Zaatar is a used to treat gastrointestinal disorders because it is a fantastic anti-fungal, anti-biotic, anti-septic, and anti-microbial agent.

Thyme is a vermifuge and daily consumption of it helps keep worms and other parasites from dwelling in your body - especially if you live in a place where you are unsure of water quality or cleanliness. You can eat the leaves or drink the tea for this purpose. Thyme also repels insects, so if you have any illness in the house or any problem spots in your house or yard - think of thyme. A cleverly placed thyme bush is a good addition to any garden.

Drinking the green leafy tea also has many health benefits. A few cups a day will ease menstrual cramps as well as relieve the tenseness and moodiness that often accompanies PMT. Zaatar is also helpful for stomach problems as well as coughs and fever. Thyme tea is a wonderfully pleasant tea for children's coughs as they delight in the flavour. It is also said to alleviate whooping cough and nightmares. It helps in the elimination of phlegm, relieves any pain that may accompany the illness and calms a child's nerves.
You can also use it for a mild sore throat (for a severe sore throat spray a couple drops of the essential oil mixed with water or herbal tea directly on your throat) and post nasal drip.

Zaatar is available either individually starting with 50g tubs, 100g tins or is included as part of set of gift packs that are ideal for food lovers and connoisseurs to bring a real Middle Eastern flavour to their table. Prices start from £2.75 for the Zaatar tub to £19.21 for the gift packs. The gift packs consist of various combinations of Zaatar, extra virgin olive oil and hand-made pots, one each for the oil and Zaatar.

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