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Terra Rossa Launches Infused Oils

Terra Rossa, producers of the award-winning Zait & Zaatar (Arabic for extra virgin olive oil & Thyme mix), are pleased to announce the launch of their new range of infused oils comprised of Lemon, Chilli and Basil flavoured oils.

All three infused oils are made from Terra Rossa's premium Evoo range of first cold pressed extra virgin olive oils that are produced from hand-picked and half-green olives, crushed with traditional granite stone, and extracted using natural cold processes to preserve the sensitive aromatic properties, antioxidants and nutrients.

The Lemon flavoured oil is infused with freshly picked lemons that are stone crushed along with the olives for an all-natural blend. It is great for dipping and drizzling over salads, vegetables, salmon and chicken, or just simply brushed on during baking and grilling for an incredible flavour.

The Chilli flavoured oil is infused by using chilli flake and whole chilli peppers that are introduced into the oil and left there until the oil achieves a reddish colour that signifies that the natural chilli flavouring has been completed. It is relatively hot, and has a serious but very pleasant kick to it that comes with a little delay after you taste the oil. This oil is absolutely wonderful for dipping and can also be used in spicy dishes, South western, Mexican and Oriental cooking.

The Basil flavoured oil is infused with the finest domestic Jordanian basil that is introduced into the oil and is left there until the oil achieves a deep green colour that signifies that the natural basil flavour has been completely absorbed. The result is a full bodied olive oil that is splendidly tasty, with a distinct basil flavour and aroma that can be used over steamed vegetables, salads and grilled fish.

The infused oils are now on sale at £5.50 for a 250ml bottle. They are great for dipping and drizzling, and when combined with Zaatar, are also ideal for baking bread, pizzas, paninis, etc...