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About Terra Rossa

The Fertile Green Crescent, the Levant, which covers Palestine, Jordan, Syria and Lebanon, is home to some of the oldest olive trees dating back to Biblical times. The olive trees are planted in the “Terra Rossa” (Red Soil) region which is the Latin name given to that part of the Middle East. With its magnificent Mediterranean climate, this region has the ideal soil for cultivating olive groves, citrus fruits and grape vines. Growing and nurturing olive trees is embedded in the local culture and olive oil has been used for food, medicine and light in this part of the world for well over 6000 years.

Over the last 10 years, Terra Rossa has been bringing awareness to exquisite Arabian cuisine and offers premium flavours of award-winning Arabian Olive Oils which forms part of the Levantine staple diet. They are also traditionally eaten as a snack or an aperitif by dipping a piece of bread into the oil and then into a range of herb mixes such as Herby Zaatar Thyme, Spicy Dukka Coriander and Zesty Sumac Citrus Berry. Together they make the perfect dips for lovers of fine food and those who care about the origin and purity of the foods they consume.

The Jordanian Sinolea is extracted using a natural cold drip method and is kept unfiltered whilst the Evoo is extracted using a centrifugal first cold pressed method which is then filtered. The infused oils are made from infusing the Evoo oil with the very best of fresh Jordanian herbs and fruits.

It was only a matter of time before Terra Rossa created its own Mezze range to incorporate UK hand-made sauces and dips such as Dukka Harissa, Aubergine Relish, Zaatar & Pine Nut Sauce, Zhoug Green Harissa, Olive & Tomato Relish and for those for a sweet tooth you should try Baba's Rashi & Dibis – the Arabian equivalent of peanut and a chocolate spread. The fresh dips on offer include Harissa Houmous, Baba Ghanouch Aubergine dip, Lebny strained yoghurt and Muhammara.

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