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2012 Great Taste Awards

Award Winning Middle Eastern Flavours

Anyone passionate about delicious food that has a reliable seal of approval based on great taste should look no further than Terra Rossa, which has just scooped another six Great Taste Awards from the Guild of Fine Food for 2012-2013.

Terra Rossa is by no means new to the Great Taste and International Awards, having received numerous accolades over the past 7 years and this year is no exception.

Terra Rossa, a family run business that was established seven years ago, is passionate about its products and is the sole importer and distributor of some of the world's finest ultra-premium extra virgin olive oils from Jordan, Palestine and Lebanon. Terra Rossa also introduces a host of authentic Arabic food products to UK palates from herbs to sweets and mouth-watering Anglo-Arabian sauces and dips.

Zesty Sumac

Terra Rossa Zesty Sumac

Made from roasted red berries which have an intense lemony flavour, it is an essential ingredient in Arabic cooking and has received a much coveted Two Star Great Taste Award. Zesty Sumac is the Middle Eastern equivalent of sweet and sour and adds a citrusy flavour to everything from Kebabs, Salads and even ice cream.

Terra Rossa also received a further five Great Taste Awards for:

Manna from Heaven

Terra Rossa Manna from Heaven

A special sweet made from the resin of trees which grow only in the north of Iraq and date back to Biblical times.

Manna from Heaven is usually mixed with pistachios, almonds and cardamom and is the perfect accompaniment to a good cup of coffee. Presented in a hand-made Jordanian bag with traditional cloth, it makes an ideal gift for someone with a sweet tooth.

Herby Zaatar

Terra Rossa Herby Zaatar

The most popular and versatile herb mix of the Levant, is a delicious mix of fragrant Thyme, the award winning Zesty Sumac and the nutty texture of sesame seeds.

Although traditionally eaten by dunking a piece of bread into the oil and then into the Zaatar, its culinary uses by no means stops there and is indeed one of the main ingredients in making the ubiquitous Manaqeesh - Arabic bread topped with olive oil and zaatar - Arabic pizza.

Terra Rossa Chilli Infused Oil Terra Rossa Basil Infused Oil Terra Rossa Garlic Infused Oil

Finally three of Terra Rossa's finest infused extra virgin olive oils, Chilli, Basil and Garlic also received Great Taste Awards - with the Basil oil receiving its third consecutive Award.

These oils are made from Terra Rossa's first cold-pressed extra virgin olive oil and are lovingly infused with a minimum of 250g of fresh hand-picked herbs per litre which makes them beautifully fragrant and flavoursome and yet subtle enough to use without overpowering any dish. Aside from being amazing to dunk with freshly baked bread, they are ideal to drizzle over your favourite deli dip such as houmous, pasta, salads and roasted vegetables and are fabulous to use as marinades for lamb, chicken and fish.

Hanan Samara, founder of Terra Rossa and co-presenter of a new TV series with celebrity chef Sophie Grigson in Jordan starting on the Travel Channel at the end of August, comments:

“We are delighted that so many of our products have received recognition for excellence in the Great Taste Awards this year introducing many to the exotic flavours of the Middle East. This, together with the new TV series which explains how such oils, herbs and sweets are traditionally prepared and eaten, as well as exploring the Jordanian culture, will hopefully encourage more and more British people to experiment with new ingredients and try cooking up some Middle Eastern recipes for themselves.”


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