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2005 Great Taste Awards

Terra Rossa Strikes Gold!

Terra Rossa, producers of Zait & Zaatar (Arabic for olive oil and thyme) are proud to announce that their speciality thyme mix has won the prestigious Gold Great Taste Award 2005 and their Sinolea extra virgin olive oil has won the Silver Great Taste Award.

The Great Taste Awards is the world's most prestigious and authoritative food competition - without doubt, the "Oscars" of the world of fine food and drink. Organised by the Guild of Fine Food Retailers, the Awards has carved a reputation over the last decade as the acknowledged accreditation of quality for all speciality food and drink.

Terra Rossa are positioning their gourmet extra virgin olive oils, Evoo and Sinolea, along with their delicious Zaatar (made mainly of thyme, sesame seeds and sumak) as the perfect healthy appetiser for lovers of fine food everywhere. They hope to attract buyers from the independent, multiple, gift retailers, and foodservice sectors.

Zait & Zaatar is traditionally eaten by pouring Zait in one dipping pot, Zaatar in another, and then by simply dipping a piece of bread into the Zait and then gently into the Zaatar. It can also be sprinkled over salads, houmous, haloumi cheese, Greek yogurt, and as seasoning to liven up vegetables and spice up chicken, lamb, fish, etc...

Terra Rossa oils are made from half-green hand-picked olives that are crushed with traditional granite stone and extracted using natural cold processes to preserve the sensitive aromatic properties, antioxidants and nutrients. The main difference between the two oils is that the Sinolea is extracted using a Natural Cold Drip method and is unfiltered, while the Evoo is extracted using a centrifugal cold pressed method and is filtered.

The Sinolea and Evoo oils are presented in elegantly packaged bottles, hand-made terracotta jugs with dipping pots and Zaatar packs, that are beautifully gift-packed in a wide selection of distinctive jute bags, natural corrugated card packs and hand-carved wooden boxes. An attractive display stand is also available which is offered on loan for customers who place orders of £1000 or more.

Retail prices start at: £2.75 for a 100g Zaatar pack, £4.95 for 250ml Evoo oil, £5.95 for 250ml Sinolea oil, to £19.95 for a hand-made terracotta jug and dipping pots with 250g Zaatar in fancy corrugated carton.