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2010 Great Taste Awards

Terra Rossa Scoops
Five More Great Taste Awards

Terra Rossa is proud to announce that it has won a 2-star Great Taste Award for its ultra-premium Moroccan Les Terroirs de Marrakech extra virgin olive oil, and four 1-star Great Taste Award for the newly released Zaatar Passata, as well as the Chilli, Lemon and Basil Jordanian Infused extra virgin olive oils.

Terra Rossa Les Terroirs de Marrakech Probably the best extra virgin olive oils from Morocco, Les Terroirs de Marrakech, is reserved especially for those who are passionate about ultra premium olive oil. So not surprisingly, like last year, it won a 2-star Gold Taste Award from the Guild of Fine Food this year.

This invaluable oil, with a limited production of 25,000 liters, comes from a manual selection of the best Picholine du Languedoc olives. It is well balanced, almost a sweet early harvest oil with a fresh herbal taste. It features mild fruit, green apple and artichoke notes, and has a distinctive peppery finish. Les Terroirs de Marrakech is an exclusive product with a genuine taste retracing the story of its terroir to the nose and palate. This fine oil is ideally served as dipping oil and is delicious poured over salads or served with lightly sautéed vegetables, pasta or wild rice and adds a refined touch to any dish.

This exquisite olive oil comes in a curvaceously shaped 250ml or 500ml bottle. For special occasions such as Christmas, Easter, Birthdays and Valentine's day, it is available in a beautifully produced black gift box which is embossed in elegant Arabian designs.

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