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2020 Great Taste Awards

3 More Great Taste Awards for 2020

Terra Rossa is pleased to announce that it has won another 3 Great Taste Awards this year making it a total of 68 in 15 years.

Zaatar and Pine Nuts Sauce with Crispy Onions has again won 2-stars, our herb mix Dukka and the legendry Sesame seed covered Manna from Heaven 1-star.

Terra Rossa Baba's Rashi & DibisZaatar & Pine Nut Sauce with Crispy Onions

As with the original Zaatar Sauce, this delicious product is made with Zaatar, thyme, sesame seeds, Sumac, extra virgin olive and pine nuts but this recipe is also topped with crispy onions for that extra nuttiness.

For ideas on how to use this product download the information card.

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Terra Rossa Dukka
Dukka Coriander Mix

Dukka means 'to pound' in Arabic, as a mixture of herbs and spices are ground to a delicious texture perfect for dipping with bread and olive oil. Terra Rossa's spicy recipe is primarily coriander and includes roasted sesame seeds, sumac and chilli.

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Terra Rossa Manna
Sesame Seeds Covered Manna From Heaven

As the name describes, Manna from Heaven are very special sweets made from the resin of trees that grow only in the north of Iraq. Mentioned in the Bible, these mouth-watering treats combine mixed almonds, pistachio nuts, cardamom and a few with coconut. A beautiful gift for loved ones.

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