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2011 Great Taste Awards

A Winning Combination

Consumers on the lookout for exceptional, top quality food products guaranteed to stand out from the crowd, will be guided by the 2011 Great Taste Awards - and having achieved four Awards this year, Terra Rossa will be high on their shopping lists.

Terra Rossa Basil & Lemon Infused Oils win a star!

Renowned for some of the best olive oils in the world, reaped from the sunshine soils of Jordan, two of Terra Rossa’s infused oils - Lemon and Basil - scooped Great Taste 1 Star Gold Awards. Both of these fabulous oils are made from half-green olives that are milled within 10 hours of being hand-picked and are then hand crushed and either cold-dripped or cold-pressed. The fruits and herbs are then left to infuse naturally until the oils change colour and the aroma is fully developed, signifying that the flavours have been completely absorbed.

Consequently, the mouth-watering flavours of Terra Rossa Infused oils give a real punch to any dish and are great for dunking with freshly baked bread, as a marinade for chicken or fish or drizzled over pasta or salad. In fact the zesty flavour of the Lemon infused oil also makes it perfect for sweet dishes such as pancakes, or to give a citrus tang to carrot cake frosting.

The Lemon an Basil oils are also the perfect accompaniment to Terra Rossa’s Herby Zaatar Thyme mix, Spicy Dukka Coriander mix and the Zesty Sumac Berry mix, which are traditionally eaten by dunking bread into the oil and then into any of the mixes.

Terra Rossa Les Terroirs de Marrakech wins 2 stars!

Probably the best extra virgin olive oil from Morocco, Les Terroirs de Marrakech was recognised again by the Great Taste Awards judges who awarded it a 2 Star Great Taste Award again this year. Presented in a curvaceously shaped bottle, Les Terroirs de Marrakesch is also available in a beautifully produced black gift box embossed with elegant Arabian designs, making it an exclusive gift for special occasions.

Terra Rossa Nougat wins a star!

While most consumers recognise Terra Rossa for its outstanding olive oils, the company also carries a range of luxury confectionery items including Sugared Almonds, Manna from Heaven and its latest Nougat with Pistachio and Apricot also received a Great Taste 1 Star Gold Award. The unique Arabian flavours of this truly scrumptious mixture of pistachio nuts embedded in nougat and lavishly covered with dried apricot will be a huge hit with nougat lovers everywhere. Individually wrapped and presented in elegant traditional draw string see-through bags topped with traditional Jordanian cloth it also makes the perfect gift as well as a special after dinner treat.

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