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2021 Great Taste Awards

3 More Great Taste Awards for 2021

Like the buses, all things come in 3’s and in 2021 Terra Rossa was awarded another 3 more GTA’s - taking the company’s total to an amazing 71 over the past 16 years.

The products Awarded are:

Baba's Rashi and Dibis

Baba's Rashi and Dibis was crowned with its seventh GTA award, a true testament to the products ability to stand up to the judges year after year - not forgetting to mention that it also won the Golden Fork Award from London and The South East in 2018.

You Tube Video Link

Click the image to watch the video and to hear what the judges had to say:

And the Judges added this:

Zaatar & Pine Nut Sauce with Crispy Onions

Another repeat award winning product and this year made it 3 awards in three years. That is a great achievement for the sauce which followed the original GTA awarded Zaatar & Pine Nuts Sauce.

Zaatar Sauce with Crispy Onions And the Judges added this:

Sumac Citrus Berries with Dead Sea Salt from the Jordan Valley

A brand-new product that infuses the Sumac in its natural form berry form with a truly amazing salt from the Jordanian Dead Sea Valley. It adds a zesty touch that heightens the flavours of any dish. Ideal for everyday use from seasoning, pickling, marinating to preserving.

Salt and Sumac And the Judges added this:

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