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Mark III – Another Sweet Taste of Heaven

Terra Rossa Baba's Rashi & Dibis

Baba’s Rashi & Dibis (Iraqi for Dad’s Tahini & Date Molasses spread), is a delicious sweet and savoury spread based on a secret recipe of Hanan’s father - and a slightly naughty indulgence! He was diabetic and used to have it for breakfast at around 5am whilst the rest of the family were still asleep so they wouldn’t catch him eating it!

Terra Rossa originally developed this sticky and nutty spread in 2012 which was appreciated and devoured by the Middle Eastern community. It was then adapted to suit the UK pallet by adding herbs and spices and in 2015 scooped its 1st 3-star Great Taste Award. In 2018 sesame seeds were added for that extra crunch and won its 2nd 3-star Great Taste Award as well as the Golden Fork Award from London and the South East.

This year’s extremely moreish version is a natural progression of the various ways in which Rashi & Dibis can be eaten except this time it’s prepared with slightly Salty and Spicy Caramelised Walnuts.

Aside from being mopped up and scooped with warm bread whenever something sweet is craved for, it can be used for flavouring savoury dishes too - simply dilute with a little warm water and use it much like a Teriyaki sauce to marinate chicken, vegetables, tofu or paneer.

Used in the same way as a chocolate spread, it is delicious sandwiched between two biscuits, spread on waffles, blinis and pancakes, as a filling for cakes, crepes and scones, as a topping for yoghurt, ice cream, bananas and sweet potatoes, and is utterly irresistible stirred through warm rice pudding, porridge and custard.

Baba’s Rashi & Dibis with Caramelised Walnuts has an RRP of £4.50 for a 205g jar and is distributed directly to the food trade by Terra Rossa.

Terra Rossa hopes to attract buyers from delicatessens, farm shops, gift retailers and garden centres with fine food halls as well as pubs/bars/cafes and restaurants who wish to incorporate their product range into their menu and serve them as starters or appetisers.


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