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2-Star 2019 & 2020 Great Taste Awards

Explore the Exquisite Taste of
Zaatar & Pine Nut Sauce – with Extra Crunch

Terra Rossa Baba's Rashi & Dibis

Terra Rossa, winner of 65 Great Taste Awards is pleased to announce that its Crispy Onion version of its Zaatar & Pine Nut Sauce has won a 2-star Great Taste Award which you can try for yourself on stand 3120 at the 2019 Speciality & Fine Food Fair, Olympia London.

In the same manner that the original Zaatar & Pine Nut sauce came about as a result of making Manaqeesh – the ubiquitous Levantine pizza which is often topped with Halloumi - this version was inspired by making Musakhan - one of the most famous Levantine chicken dishes.

Made from Zaatar, a scrumptious mix of thyme, sesame seeds and Sumac citrus berry, Terra Rossa’s first cold pressed extra virgin olive oil, Pine Nuts and now topped with Crispy Onions for that extra nuttiness and crunchiness.

This rustic, earthy and herby sauce is delicious to dip with, thinned down according to taste with olive oil and drizzled over sun-blushed tomatoes, pasta, vegetables, salads, houmous, yoghurt, and even makes cottage cheese exciting. It is amazing to bake with especially when combined with Akawi cheese (a Mozzarella style cheese), as a sauce for pizza bases or in wraps and paninis. Use it as a rub to transform meat, fish, and lamb into something really special and is particularly yummy tucked snugly inside a camembert round before baking and devoured with freshly baked bread.

Zaatar & Pine Nut Sauce with Crispy Onions has an RRP of £4.50 for a 165g jar and is distributed directly to the food trade by Terra Rossa.

Terra Rossa hopes to attract buyers from delicatessens, farm shops, gift retailers and garden centres with fine food halls as well as pubs/bars/cafes and restaurants who wish to incorporate their product range into their menu and serve them as starters or appetisers.


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